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Monday, March 5, 2018

Voices Of Social Media

It is amazing how much social media dominates people's lives.

I started my journey into the internet way back in 1996. I was twenty years old.

It's really hard for my kids to understand that no, the internet did not exist in my life until I was 20. They have always had the internet. 

Windows 95 had just hit critical mass and everyone had a desktop computer in their house. I was a new mom and started out looking for tips on pacifiers in a chat room and twenty one years later, I literally would not have a job without the social aspect of the internet. 

It is insane to sit back and think about how important social media is not to just us, but the entire world.

A virtual global free market has sprung up because of it! 

I started out with chat rooms, was a moderator on a forum for awhile, started my blogging career on XANGA, and then MySpace happened. 

Then onto Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram, and now Pinterest. It is ever moving. A new social media site was just announced last week. You guys can join it, but I am exhausted.

                                                photo via

Social media is where the majority of people get their fake news, nowadays. I love Twitter, I go to Twitter first for news. Facebook is friends and family stuff. Instagram for photos and Pinterest for everything I am planning. It's like the first and last step of every day. Wake up, check, have a day, check, sleep.

Back to that virtual global free market, did I mention that I love it? I have met and done business with people from all over the world due to social media! I have found some great products and met some great folks to network with. Sometimes, because of luck. Sometimes because of social media optimization. There are many different ways to call attention to yourself on the internet, that's for sure. Social media and advertising are besties because of it!

In order to do business, you have to attract business, right? I never thought I would be the type of blogger to use any SEO tactics but now I am surprised I hadn't sooner! Sometimes, it can feel like you are screaming into the wind but because of the internet, specifically social media, there is always the chance that someone will hear your voice through the jumble. And that's all bloggers really want, I think. To be heard through the noise.

How do you drive traffic to your brand?  Have you noticed how well social media and advertising work together? 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Evolution of Print Media

I was worried for the state of printed news. Everything is free on the internet these days so why would you pay for a newspaper?

I get it. Capitalism.

Printed anything dying is a little scary to writers. If you start with newspapers, next is books, and then I'm out of a job.

However, I really don't think it's dying, just like technology, it has progressed. 

The world still needs writers. They need bloggers.

Brands and businesses still want to get their name out and what better way than to ask bloggers on the internet? Since I've been blogging, all I have talked about is stuff I like and stuff I don't like. It seemed inevitable that I would blog reviews about different household items. I started this blog back in November and I have been having a great time connecting with brands and businesses for promotions! I started this new website with a new look, new social media pages, and new attitude! I love my modern writing job! 

And, as always, it is a job. No one wants to promote fake news false information about any brands or businesses so you research the brand and/or business and learn all about it. That takes time. Better take some photos so it looks nice. Add time. Then you piece your blog together. More time. 

Don't get me started on writes and rewrites. FOR-EVER-TIME.

So, if someone asks me if I want to be compensated for blogging about a product, yes. Yes, thank you for finally recognizing the work we put into our writing. Finally.

Writers LOVE to keep writing.

After spending time focusing on my books, it's nice to try something different for awhile. I returned to blogging to find that the state of print media is alive and well right on the internet.

Shiny new package. Same old thing.

I started out thinking that I would freelance here and there, but once I started getting sponsors, I ended up realizing that this turned out much better. I started pitching on more jobs and got picked for a few and even received payment on time! 

That last one I liked the best.

If you are interested in setting up your own blog and getting sponsors, there are quite a few agencies out there. I googled away one day and found pages and pages full. 

For example, has a lot paid blogging jobs. It's a worldwide business so they need bloggers from around the world. I have gotten a few jobs from them, including this one, and have found it to be one of the best and easiest blogger assignment boards to navigate.  If your domain authority is over 5, there are plenty of jobs on the boards. Like a few other agencies, I check the website every day to see if any new jobs are posted. If you know of any other agencies, please post them in the comments. 

Print media is evolving. I think I am going to like it. How about you?
Please drop a link to your blog and/or your favorite blogging agencies! I would love to know about your experiences with them!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Joyal Beauty Retinol Cream

I am on a beauty kick lately.

I started out in my forties not worrying a bit about wrinkles, lines, dark circles, puffy eyes, etc etc etc. 41? Not so much.

So, in my quest to find the perfect creams, elixirs, potions, and lotions, I was asked to review Joyal Beauty's Retinol Cream.  

Like the Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream I tried awhile ago, this is a heavy cream with a different sort of smell. The difference, however, is that this one worked much better! I put it on every night before bed and actually started to see results within a week! I did not break out at all and I can tell that my skin is firming up due to the boost in collagen and although it doesn't work as well as my very favorite "beauty hack"....


It is definitely something I plan on adding to my regular routine. You can find Joyal Beauty Retinol Cream on Amazon for just $20.85. Let me know how you like it!

**I have received a sample product, payment, or both in exchange for this review. Regardless, I pride myself in bringing you an honest and thorough review. Thanks for reading! My comment box is always open for any questions you may have!**

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Saw Her As A Woman Today..

I saw my daughter as a young lady today.

Not an insecure young lady. I got a glimpse of just what she will be as a young adult woman out in the world. She is beautiful.

She is fearless. She is so smart. She is ambitious, she is driven. She is beautiful.

She is all of the things I am not, and I am so grateful for that.

Being the mother of adult children is difficult because it doesn't matter if they are 50, they'll always be 4 in my mind.

But, today. I saw her as a young woman and my heart fluttered with pride.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Day The Sun Came Out

Originally published on The Legendary (

The Day The Sun Came Out (April 11, 2012. Issue 36. The Late Issue)

My mother has been in a committed relationship since I was 17 years old. While people staying together that long is an anomaly within itself these days, my mother is still with the woman she fell in love with when I was only 12 years old.

My life as it is today hasn't always been this way. I grew up in a traditional home, my father worked as a journalist and editor for the local paper and my mother worked various jobs as we moved around.

From an early age, however, I knew there was something different about my family.

My parents seemed like they weren't very happy most of my life. My father manifested this by becoming a working alcoholic at a young age and my mother, well my mother cried a lot. Things were pretty bleak but it was my family and all I knew so I assumed this was how all families were. Things went on like this up until I was about 12.

My mother was involved in community theater my entire life. Everywhere we went, she found the local theater and immediately got herself and my brother and I involved in it.

We were all in plays together and had a lot of fun.

My father wasn't interested in the least. He didn't come to our performances and was pretty annoyed when we sat around practicing lines or rehearsing.

We moved away from my hometown for awhile when I was 11 and when I was almost 12, my mother met Mary for the first time. We all met Mary. She worked the light board for most of the plays in the theater and was just generally talented in all things set design.

Mary and my mother soon became best friends. We often did things with her family and things slowly began to change. We went camping more, we went on little trips. My mom smiled more. Mary had a daughter around my age and a son around my brother's age and I thought her husband was hilarious. Mostly, I was just glad my mom had finally found a friend.

As I grew older, Mary and my mother grew closer and closer as my mother and father drifted apart. By the time I was 15, my father was drinking every day, especially so on the weekends, and just didn't really have anything to do with any of us. We continued to all hang out together as a family and sometimes my father joined us but most of the time he didn't.

When I was 16 almost 17, my mother told me that she had decided that she was going to divorce my father. We were going to move again and that's when I found out the secret that all of us KNEW but couldn't confirm.

My mother and Mary were in love.

To me as a 17 year old girl, this news was confusing, frightening, and exciting all at the same time. I knew my mother was happy with Mary but I didn't quite understand same-sex relationships yet. After two nasty divorces, my mother and Mary were free to be together and I was unsure what the future would hold.

I would come to learn over these many years, however, that love is love and my mother deserved to be in a committed loving relationship no matter who it is with. When people ask me today what it was like when my mother came out, I tell them it was like the day the sun came out. Suddenly, everything was clear and bright and I understood things in a way I don't think many other people do at that age.

I have my two moms to thank for teaching me about real love and the sacrifices people make for it. The sun has never stopped shining for me, since. It may not be what most people believe but I know it is real and true and no one will ever be able to take that away from them.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Current mood:

We listen to the tales and romanticize,
How we'd follow the path of the hero.

Boast about the day when the rivers overrun,
How we rise to the height of our halo.

Listen to the tales as we all rationalize,
Our way into the arms of the savior.

Feigning all the trials and the tribulations.
None of us have actually been there,
Not like you...

Ignorant siblings in the congregation.
Gather around spewing sympathy,
Spare me...

None of them can even hold a candle up to you.
Blinded by choice, these hypocrites won't see.

But enough about the collective Judas.
Who could deny you were the one who illuminated
Your little piece of the divine?

And this little light of mine, a gift you passed on to me
I'm gonna let it shine
To guide you safely on your way.

Your way home...

Oh, what are they gonna do when the lights go down?
Without you to guide them all to Zion?
What are they gonna do when the rivers overrun
Other than tremble incessantly?

High is the way,
But our eyes are upon the ground.
You are the light and the way.
They'll only read about.
I only pray heaven knows,
When to lift you out.

10,000 days in the fire is long enough.
You're going home...

You're the only one who can hold your head up high.
Shake your fist at the gates saying,
"I've come home now!
Fetch me the spirit, the son and the father.
Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended.

It's time now!
My time now!
Give me my
Give me my wings!"

Give me my [5x]

Give me my wings

You are the light, the way,
That they will only read about.

Set as I am in my ways and my arrogance.
Burden of proof tossed upon non-believers.
You were my witness, my eyes, my evidence,
Judith Marie, unconditional one.

Daylight dims leaving cold fluorescence.
Difficult to see you in this light.
Please forgive this bold suggestion.
Should you see your maker's face tonight,
Look him in the eye.
Look him in the eye and tell him,
"I never lived a lie, never took a life,
But surely saved one.

It's time for you to bring me home."

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Current mood:

I'll stand for nothing less
Or never stand again
These are the limits when one's buried
This body's left the soul
Could we have known
Never would I, helped to nail down
Careful of drifting off
Now losing taste and touch
Turning a pale blue leaning in to say
This body's left the soul
The brain needs oxygen
Can't sneak around this bait
His catacomb has got me by the chin
This body's left the soul
Could we have known
Never would I, helped to nail down
With nothing to gain
Here's the clincher, this should be you
Now saturate
Now saturate
Now saturate
Now saturate
And touch
Now saturate
Now saturate
Now saturate
The earth
Now saturate
Now saturate
Now saturate
The earth
Could we…

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Being 40 is different than what I expected.

I assumed that I would be depressed and sad, yearning for the face I used to have, the body I used to have.

Now that I'm here + a year, I have to say that I was completely and totally wrong.

I find that my tolerance for bullshit is at an all time low. I have less patience for things that I used to think were important. I don't let little things bother me as much.

And, I definitely, DEFINITELY don't give a shit if my hair/makeup/outfit is 100% perfect.

These were all things that I thought were the most important when I was in my 20s, even 30s. 

I find vanity pretty boring these days. I prefer to funnel my money, time, and energy into my bank account where it can sit and blossom into a trip to Australia or anywhere really, a nice RV, land, a home, a truck...etc.

I was always fairly good at finding bargains, now it's practically an Olympic sport.

I pay more attention to world events. I am drawn to people who are wise, kind, and thoughtful. I have real, true friends now. It's amazing.

Every day, I surprise myself with my reactions to things. What once used to make me so upset, seems kind of boring and sad now. I don't fight as much with my husband (he's super happy about that, heh). I find myself more concerned with what motivates people than any other kind of superficial things.

But, most of all, I think I have finally found myself. I knew I was in there, somewhere. I never imagined that the age I was so afraid of would actually bring out the woman I have always been meant to be.

                                                             photo courtesty of

What was a major life changing event in your life? Was it age or experience or both?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Sometimes, a trip away is all you need.

Transitioning into this new life, new view has been more difficult than I ever imagined. For 21 and 19 years, I was "Mom, where is my folder? Will you tie my shoes? Mom? Mom. Mooooom." 

And I am still and will forever be mom, but having all of my butterflies flying away has been...interesting.

So, for a friend's birthday, I ran away to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

My husband and I had few opportunities to get away while the kids were growing up. We took lots of trips to visit family because I felt that was most important. Ok, and my husband's family trips are amazing! 

However, this is the first trip that just we two went on. Adults adulting with other adults.

I laughed until my belly hurt. I caught up with old and dear friends.

Most of all, I got to spend time alone with the man I have been waiting to come home forever from sea for twenty years.

I think I'm going to like this new life. 

While I watch my butterflies soar on their own, maybe I could fly a little as well.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


His mouth is full of snot
Oozing onto everything
from the womb of a racist babboon
To look down on the have nots

Who do you think you are?

Don't you know
that you're a figurehead
You're all for show
To ease the peasants' woes
but they don't know

Who do you think you are?

You want to control my state?
You want to control the senate?
You aren't even close to being in it
But, you think you are king
In the global ring

Who do you think you are?

You think you have won
While you twitter away
But, we see who runs
when the rabbit comes to collect

-Stephanie Stebbins