Friday, March 15, 2019

Doing It Up For Date Night!

As my kids were growing up, my husband and I didn't get to have too many date nights. (Silly us, we were trying to save for the future so other things seemed less important). However, now that they are all grown up, one in college and one working and living with his wife and soon-to-be baby girl, we have been able to get out more than we ever have. Since our move to an entirely new town and state last summer, we have had a great time exploring as well as taking in all of the local culture. All of those sacrifices we made were definitely worth it!

The big news around town is a new restaurant opening and I wanted to check it out. It's just a bar and grill type place but around here where the nearest store is at least 20 minutes away, new businesses opening in town are exciting. That's been the biggest thing I've had to get used to since moving out to the middle of nowhere. When I say I live in rural North Carolina, I'm not kidding! I love it, though and definitely don't miss the city at all. Back home, a new restaurant opening happened just about every week and no one really noticed. Here, new businesses opening is all everyone can talk about. Definitely different for me. 

I've been experiencing all kinds of new stuff lately so I thought I'd continue the trend for date night! 

Kalaia asked me to review their skincare solutions line recently and I thought this would be the perfect time to try it out! A week ago, I started using the products and I love them!

You start with an online beauty consultation, where you tell your online consultant all of your skincare concerns and problems. I resisted wearing daily face moisturizer for far too long through my 20s and 30s because I could not find a moisturizer that didn't make my skin break out. I'm definitely paying for it now in my 40s, but I have found my new PERFECT skincare routine. FINALLY.

For the first step, I start with the Detox and Cleanse Bar. It's made with papaya and ginger extracts with activated charcoal that gently cleanses and detoxifies your skin.  I love that you can use it on your face and body! 

The Fresh Canvas Exfoliating Powder is next. I love this stuff! It is a powder scrub that combines Hibiscus, Neem Leaf Powder, Licorice Root, Kaolin Clay, Gotu Kola, Turmeric and Rose essential oil and....

...then transforms into a paste after adding a few drops of water to remove impurities, excess oil, and dead skin cells revealing soft glowing skin that is ready to absorb all of the good stuff in the next step!

The Keep Smooth - Day and Night Serum is my absolute favorite step in my new Kalaia skincare routine! This stuff is magic in a bottle! It is made from Indian Gentian Leaf extract, peptide molecules, and Kalaia's proprietary Bright & Blur Complex(which is amazing). It comes in a dropper bottle and you apply it all over your face. It *instantly* brightenened and improved the texture of my skin. I saw results after one use, especially under my eyes (my nemesis). My skin even felt firmer and after one week, I am so in love with all of these products. My skin feels so very soft and I have almost conquered those pesky under eye bags (thanks, insomnia)!

The last step is the Hold Tight - Overnight Moisturizer and that is definitely where all of that new firmness I feel is coming from! I was a little nervous at first because it is so thick and creamy, I thought for sure that it would break my skin out...but I was willing to make that sacrifice for beauty. You apply it to your face, neck, and decolletage and keep it on overnight. After a week, no new breakouts! It combines bamboo silica, pea extract and that magical Bright & Blur Complexto help blur fine lines and wrinkles and increase skin hydration for rejuvenated, (definitely) firmer looking and feeling skin.

So, now that I was feeling all glowy, I decided I was going to try something else new, false eyelashes.

I know. 

How did I make it to 42 whole years of age without wearing false eyelashes? 

Because I can't do it to save my life, that's how.

Private Label Mink Eyelashes wanted me to review their (GORGEOUS) mink false eyelashes and I was hesitant at first because of the aforementioned failure, but decided to give it a try!

They sent me their Chloe and Eden lashes to try.

They felt so soft! You can use these up to 20 times as well! My daughter is just about an expert at putting lashes on (how?!) but the ones she used seemed really stiff compared to these. They are ready to apply once you take them out of the package and so, I took a deep breath and began....


I tried.

Although I will say that after all of my attempts to get them just right, the glue stayed like the first application so that was good. Once I felt they were just right, we were on our way out the door!

I had a gloriously delicious burger and we sat and talked for awhile before hopping back into the truck and riding around. It was a lovely night and I had fun trying a bunch of new things!

What are you doing on your next date night? 


  1. Your makeup look came out so good. Hope you had a fun date night

  2. You're actually way better than me when it comes to putting on falsies. I can't even put false eyelashes on my own! :)

    1. OMG, I can't dooo it, lol! I wish I could because I love the look but I am way too clumsy!

  3. Yeah eye lashes sure take some practice ;) But once you get the hang of it it's really easy!

    1. That's what my daughter keeps telling me, lol. I definitely need more practice!

  4. I’m so bad at lashes, too! My next date night is tonight. Takeout and Redbox. 😀

  5. Kalaia, looks like a great skin care products. I would love to try it as I also wants to have a fair and smooth skin like yours, haha!

  6. You look wonderful..thank you for sharing these products and tips, its been years since I have been on a date..but you never know!❤

  7. Happy that now you guys are having more for yourself! That is really great!

  8. That looks incredible!!! I love how it starts as a powder and you just add water to it!