Sunday, December 31, 2017

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream

The holidays can be...exhausting.

This one especially so for me. As you can imagine, I needed to ready my "NOPE. Nothing wrong here!" face and I was failing.

So, I decided to try Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream and see if it would help. I got my package a few days before bricks started to fall on me from out of the sky of life so what better time to try it?

I really liked the effects, because it did brighten it but the cream was a little heavy and I'm still fighting a break out from it. But, I have oily to combination skin and tend to stick to lighter moisturizers. My pores clog way too easily. 

The packaging was nice and it arrived very quickly! I would definitely recommend for those of you with drier skin. And, the extra brightening (especially around the eyes) is fantastic. You can find it for $18.99 on Amazon!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Stranger Things About Stranger Things

I don't know if you noticed or not, but I went just slightly INSANE about the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

                                   photo courtesy of

From the very first episode, I WAS IN THERE. Yeah, just why are they running tests on kids? And she is number 11?! SHE FLIPPED AN ENTIRE VAN. WHERE IS BARB? WHY IS STEVE SUCH A DOUCHE? HEH, THE NAME FINN WOLFHARD IS WAY AWESOME. And, OMG what in the shit exactly is a DemiGorgon and WHAT, WAIT IT'S OVER?! IS SHE STILL IN THE UPSIDE DOWN?

Serious stress, yall.

You better believe I was on pins and needles, counting down, jumping out of my skin for the next season. 

And, then this is what we got.

So, apparently now 11 has a (kinda) sister and Steve is everyone's mom, Will's brother is non existent, oh and at the very end THERE IS...



I'm not digging that with a diamond shovel. Ok, I get it. Growing up is hard, but with crazy upside down world shit going on, it's definitely harder.

What I am saying is this. I am a fan. A HUGE FAN. The characters are amazing and well cast for sure but what I love...what made me fall in love with this show?

The story. 

Let's get back to that. I still have questions. How about you?

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Alterre Shoes Resort/Winter 2017: That 70s Shoe Collection

This post is a bit late as I have been traveling here, there, and everywhere lately. In my travels, I was able to catch an open studio Alterre showcase in NYC.

It was awesome!

These are like nothing I've ever tried before! I spent quite awhile checking out all of the different combinations and love how I can go from one look to another with just a quick change of the base or the straps. I could not decide which one I wanted to take home...well, ok, I wanted to take home all of them!

The shop is gorgeous and the employees are beyond helpful! You should check them out on 373 Broadway, Rm C10 NYC or you can always visit their website (they're having a sale!)  

**I have received a sample product, payment, or both in exchange for this review. Regardless, I pride myself in bringing you an honest and thorough review. Thanks for reading! My comment box is always open for any questions you may have!**

Monday, December 4, 2017

Asani Fabric Steamer

More than anything, I hate buying gifts for people. Not that I don't like to give gifts, I love to, I am just never sure if I am getting the right thing. And, of course, every year someone will give me a useful gift that I think to myself, "Best present! Why didn't I think of that?!"

This year, I decided I want to be the one to give the useful gifts. Luckily, Asani reached out to me to review their Fabric Steamer and so begins my search for the best useful gifts to give this year!

 I ordered it right off of Amazon and it was here in a just a few days (thanks, Prime!). I have never tried a fabric steamer but I knew of a dress that could definitely use a good ironing, steaming, whatever!

Believe it or not, I have only worn that dress once. 

I got to work. The steamer was really easy to fill and it was heated up and steaming in less than a minute. The instructions were really easy so off I went.

About 15 minutes later, this is the result:

So, better and I didn't have to pull out the ironing board and all of that. I just hung it up and steamed. I liked it and if I spent a little more time on it (I'm impatient) I could probably get all of the wrinkles out. 

This would be perfect for travel, too. It's small enough to fit in any bag. I will probably be packing it while we're going to see family this year. We are doing family photos, so this will come in handy.

You can find it for $21.99 on Amazon right now so definitely check it out!

Have you used a fabric steamer before? What were your results?

**I have received a sample product, payment, or both in exchange for this review. Regardless, I pride myself in bringing you an honest and thorough review. Thanks for reading! My comment box is always open for any questions you may have!**