Wednesday, May 5, 2021

6 Tips For A Stress Free Home Purchase

 Moving and buying a home does not have to be a stressful situation! If you put together a plan to make it a bit more stress-free instead, the process can even be pretty fun. Here are 6 tips for a stress free home purchase.

Hire A Great Real Estate Agent

Your first step is to hire a great real estate agent that knows your area well. They can provide recommendations for other vendors that you will need along the way, as well, which is really handy and can help make the process stress-free. A great real estate agent will help provide accurate pricing on your home that you are selling, they can help negotiate on your behalf, and they can also help walk you through the process and answer any questions along the way, which is priceless. As a buyer, you do not even have to pay them. The seller pays for the agent! But, if you are selling your home too, do keep in mind that you will have to pay them, which I think is very worth it. A great real estate agent will be a complete game changer in your entire home buying and selling process.

Get Pre-Approved

Next step: get pre-approved so that you know what you can afford (and what homes you should not be looking at). Your real estate agent can help recommend a person that can help you get a pre-approval going. When you get pre-approved, this is a huge step, because you will then know how much you can and cannot afford, like I mentioned. This makes it easier to view homes within your budget, while not getting your hopes up on larger and more expensive homes. 

Measure Your New Home

Once you are tentatively buying a home and are working your way towards the closing table, you will have a few appointments like the inspection and the appraisal. You can ask for another date (if warranted) if you need to measure the floorplan, or have contractors come to measure in order to give you estimates on renovations. If you want to save yourself and the current homeowner time, try to have contractors come out during the inspection. It will make things much easier and less time consuming that way!

Trust Your Inspector

Always trust your home inspector, as long as you have done your due diligence and have made sure that they come with great reviews (again - your real estate agent can probably recommend someone!). Your inspection will probably have a long list of needed improvements, but listen to your inspector and see what is necessary (to ask of the current homeowner) and what is not really that big of a deal. Some items on there will probably be door stops that are missing and small broken items. Other items may be bigger issues, such as fire hazards, issue(s) with the foundation, etc. These large ticketed items are the ones that your inspector will probably focus on, so trust them!

Hire Movers

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Set Aside Extra Time

One of the things that makes any process more stressful? Running out of time. This is exactly why I believe that it’s essential to set aside extra time - more than you’ll think you need! If you think the moving process will take you 4 days, add an extra day or 2 to play it safe. Think you need 4 hours to clean? Add an extra 2 hours for flexibility. Expect to close in an hour? Add an additional hour, just in case.

These tips should help guide you through a successful and stress free home purchase. Feel free to add any tips you would like to share!