Sunday, July 14, 2019

Is A Career In Musical Theater For You?

The world of musical theater seems to be growing in popularity by the day. This is a form of entertainment that has long been enjoyed. However, to say it has come back into fashion would be a mere understatement. Nonetheless, this post does not deal with watching productions, it is for those who wish to be involved in them. Have you got dreams of being on the stage? Or, perhaps this is something you are merely considering? Either way, read on to discover all of the benefits associated with taking one of the musical theater courses. 

One of the best things about getting involved in musical theater and taking a relevant course, is the fact that you will be increasing your skills in a multi-talented subject field. After all, there is no one solo ingredient that makes a good performer. You will work on everything from acting, to singing, to dancing. If that wasn’t enough, a lot of courses provide aid on everything from costuming and music production, to box office and direction, to stage management and lighting. There are so many components that come together to create the ideal performance. By enhancing your knowledge in all areas at a music school, you are going to put yourself in a fantastic position once the course has finished. Moreover, if you don’t bag your dream musical theater job, you will have plenty of qualities and skills that appeal to other roles. 

In addition to this, musical theater is beneficial because it develops you as a person. This is something very few people consider. However, after several years in the industry or several years in training, you will definitely start to notice a difference. Your self-esteem and confidence will have rocketed. In addition to this, you will have increased your level of self-discipline and you will find prioritising and organising a lot easier. If that wasn’t enough, your poise will also improve. Don’t take for granted just how beneficial all of this is. All of these excellent qualities come together to build your character and make you a better person. They are attributes that will serve you will in other parts of your life. After all, being more confident will lead to increased happiness, whilst being more organised will certainly help in a lot of areas.

Aside from the points that have already been mentioned, the last factor worth considering is the job opportunities you will have at your disposal once you complete your musical theater course. A lot of people tend to think that this is a limited industry because they only consider the main theaters and the award-winning productions. However, if you think about how many theaters there are all over the country, you see that there are a lot of productions to get involved in. Unless you are lucky and get a big break, this is definitely a career whereby you have to work your way up. Nevertheless, this can certainly be fulfilling and is a quality many people enjoy. Moreover, this is not your average job. No two working days are ever the same and this is something that appeals to a lot of people. When you take all of the points mentioned into account, it is not difficult to see why musical theater courses are becoming so popular.

Have you considered a career in musical theater? I'd love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Treat Yourself Tuesday: TAYORi Fine Soaps

I don't know where you are in the world right now but where I am, it is HOT.

I have been working on projects around the house (so many projects) and this heat is not helping one bit. So this week, we have lovely soap products again!

TAYORi Fine Soaps are all natural handmade soaps that are detergent and cruelty free derived from plant based oils. I was asked to review the Luxury Face Mask Bar Soap and I fell in love! It's a face mask that starts as a bar soap. Once you lather it up, it smooths right on. It was so soft and silky. I was sanding dressers this week and my bones are done with me so I was definitely ready for my soak! I decided to try the TAYORi Luxury Face Mask Bar Soap, fell in love, and now I will be using it every bath. It smells and feels amazing. Once I rinsed it off, my skin didn't feel too tight like it does with other masks which was a welcome change. It was so refreshing!

I know I needed my soak this week, how about you? For the month of July, if you use my code STEPH15 you will receive 15% off this product! Let me know how much you like them!

How are you treating yourself today?