Sunday, January 20, 2019

Women Are The New Business Leaders

We had a record breaking year for women in 2018. 

I'm pretty excited about it! My daughter is going to college right now to get her business degree so I am so glad that she has role models in all fields to look up to and help guide her. Women are becoming leaders in record numbers and it is helping girls everywhere see that they can be a leader as well!

When I think about women in America starting out with barely any rights, to now leading large companies, to running for president of the United States of America, it's incredibly inspiring. I was raised in the generation of shoulder pads and sneakers. My mom raised my brother and I, went to work, bought the bacon, brought the bacon home, and cooked it up. All while serving in the Navy Reserves on the weekend and being an active parent in our sports/extracurricular activities.

Just writing that made me tired.

However, seeing this as a daughter, it was an inspiring way of leading. She showed and made me believe that women could do anything and I believed it! Too see it in action, and that fire, drive, and ambition in my own daughter, is supremely gratifying! I knew when my daughter was very young that one day she could grow up to be a leader. She slays her studies like dragons and laughs  as she is handed more. She has such an imaginative mind and loves to solve problems like nothing I've ever seen before. She has the drive to persist until she finds a solution.

 As you can probably guess, I'm very proud of her. 


A good role model for young women today is definitely Chrissy Weems. She has such an inspiring story!

Chrissy Weems started Origami Owl Jewelry in 2010 with her daughter, Bella. Bella had saved up $350 of her babysitting money at just 14 years old and told her mother that she wanted to start a jewelry business. Chrissy liked that idea and matched her $350 and with help from investors Tyson Basha and Shawn Maxwellthey began crafting the beautiful living lockets for Origami Owl JewelryJust 8 years later, they are the successful owners of a 250 million dollar business! 

Whether it is in business or congress, women are proving that their roles are important and valued. Young women today have so many role models to choose from in any field they are interested in! With consistent role models and proven success in many fields, young women have no limit to what they can accomplish! Women lead the way in 2018 as I hope they will continue to do so on into the future! It's wonderful to accomplish goals, and I am using these ladies as my role models to smash some goals in 2019! 

What is your opinion on the future leaders of the world?


  1. The story behind Origami Owl is definitely so inspiring! Anything definitely can be done with determination and belief in ones self. The fact that more and more women are working hard and earning their way into positions that years ago they wouldn't have been given a chance in is definitely something to be proud of.

  2. I strongly believe in girl power! I believe women are the future, we will be only stronger in the years to come!

  3. What a great supportive mother. I believe woman are great powerful and example of good model leadership. This is so inspiring.

  4. Congrats. on your daughter going to business school. I am so happy to hear about all the women in Congress.

  5. Women are so much more powerful then given credit sometimes! Good luck to your daughter on her venture to school. She will do amazing things!

  6. I would love to see more women enter the workforce and become leaders one day. The numbers are so low in my country now but I hope that it improves soon.

    1. Hopefully, this is the catalyst that makes that happen <3

  7. i agree that women are so much stronger and this is inspiring for us.

  8. This is such a great example for women power. Good luck to your daughter on her venture to school.