Friday, March 6, 2020

College Homework Help At Your Fingertips

The greatest invention in modern times has been the internet. The most valuable asset we have is information and the internet has made it easy to access any information at any time. For someone like me who very much does wonder how light refracts, when National Donut Day is, where the closest store is to me, or where I can find that video that the baby likes, it is a lifesaver! Instead of running around to the library and other places to find out all of the information I want to know, I can just check my phone and off I go!

It has been very interesting to see how much easier college is for my daughter than it was for me, just because of how easy it is to access information in 2020. My favorite thing I have found that I wanted to share with you guys is

I wish was around when I went to college. Not only can you get your class notes, textbook notes, and study guides, you can get instant help with your homework with the SolvIt App! You just find your school in the school list and then you can find any notes or study guides that you may need!

Not only can you get help at, you can give help as well! You can sign up as a Note Taker for and earn up to $470 per course! You can pass your classes and buy something to celebrate! 

It is another win-win for the internet! Now, pardon me, I must find out why bustles were a trend and then find out how to make the cutest cake for my granddaughter's first birthday! 

How has the internet changed your life?

Thursday, March 5, 2020

How Can Kids' Magazines Benefit Children?

It is self-evident that reading is excellent for children for a whole host of reasons. The sooner you begin to read to them, they learn to read and then finally are able to read all by themselves, the better. One way to support and supplement the learning process is by having a range of reading resources available around the house at all times. And purchasing specific children’s magazines tailored to appropriate learning goals is a key way of achieving this. However, it’s critical that these magazines are catered to the child’s likes and dislikes so that they will view the activity as fun and worth giving up TV and video game time for!

How Can Kids Magazines Benefit Children?

One of the main reasons that kids magazines are so advantageous to children is because they encourage them to read. There has been so much research done when it comes to the benefits of reading for children that it is difficult to not see the appeal of encouraging them to tackle the written word as much as possible. Interesting and engaging reading material of a variety of types can help encourage interest and assist in developing proficiency with language over time. This can also help with writing too, and they may feel encouraged to write their own stories. You can head to for further information on inspiring children to write

One valuable way to provide such stimulation is by purchasing children’s magazines for them. The lessons learned can be carried over into school, enabling them to learn faster, and as a result get much better grades. This is rewarding in itself and encourages further achievement. Reading is also known to enrich a person’s vocabulary, so providing text such as magazines that introduce them to a wider world and new concepts outside of the routine school curriculum assists with development of language. The key is to find material that interests the child, to prevent them from getting frustrated and bored. One possible way to achieve this is to find a children’s magazine that they will be able to relate to and interests them.

What Are The Best Magazines For Children?

The response to the question "what are the best magazines for children?" is very subjective. The answer will typically vary from child to child. For instance, what interests your child more, English or math? Engage your child in conversation often on a range of subjects: what they have learned in school, how the world works and so on. 

Even ask their opinion on their favorite lessons - what do they find interesting? By picking a subject for learning that has caught their attention, you will be better able to keep them engaged, and when children are engaged, they will naturally learn more. There is a wide array of magazines on the market that will ignite their imagination these days, from ones that will help with English skills to science magazines for children so you are sure to find one that fits the bill. Check that the material within the magazine is educational and written by expert child educators, otherwise what would be the point of using up your child’s time if they are not gaining anything from it?

What are your kid's favorite magazines?

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

We Are All Immigrants

Not too long ago on Instagram, I posted my grandmother's immigration story. I wanted to include it on my blog because immigration reform is in the news again in a terrible way.

As you can already guess, this is an issue that hits close to home for me as I would not be here in the country that I love if my grandmother had not fled France in the 1940s due to the terrorism that ignited World War II. 

"Always punch Nazis." - my grandfather

I will start her story like any other story seems to start. It was a normal day. My grandmother awoke to her town being bombed. Her father was instantly killed. Her mother took her and fled their home. She ran to her Catholic church and claimed sanctuary. The church took them in and my grandmother was on the path to become a nun. 

Well, until she met my American grandfather when she was 19.

She used to blush every time she told me how they met, even in her 60s! She left the convent to marry him and they settled down in North Carolina to live (somewhat) happily ever after. 

She did not like to talk about those times in the convent in France. She just told me that I was too young to be sad and we would go back to watching her shows.

But, sometimes, she would tell me those stories. She would tell me to be careful. Listen when people begin to speak in whispers. And then, my grandfather would laugh and tell me that my grandma had a little too much wine and whisk me away to play. Just hearing the stories of what she (and he) had to go through during that time makes my heart hurt and definitely shaped my worldview forever. 

It's hard to explain what it was like to have an immigrant grandparent. I wanted so much to know about where she came from and she wanted nothing more than for me to embrace right where I am. Land of the free, home of the brave, where I am safe, where she was safe.

When I see that immigration reform is even a question, I do not understand. Until you have seen the terror hidden behind a grandparent's eyes as they tell you what it was like to flee for their lives, I do not think anyone can understand. We are a sanctuary nation. It's time we started acting like it. Most of all, I think that a lot of people in this country forget this simple fact:


None of us, not a single one unless you are Native American, started here. We all were put together on this continent for whatever reason and then we started to build. And, we built it. All of us, together. Over generations and time, we came together to build what we and our children see today as the United States Of America. Our history began with all of us working together and we should all continue to work together. 

This consistent divisiveness is doing nothing but causing chaos all over the world. I even read an article recently about how immigration attorney Jean Danhong Chen has new obstacles ahead of her because of the coronavirus. And that's only a tiny part of what needs to be overhauled in immigration! Do I think immigration reform needs to happen? Yes. Hopefully, the new administration, (election season, get excited!), will have a plan. Any plan is better than the current one.

Do you have an immigration story that you would like to share?