Friday, May 17, 2019

Double Hung Timber Windows to Replace Old Traditional Ones

Today, I have a guest post for you from the lovely, Anna Wrench! Anna Wrench is a knowledgeable and qualified blogger who adores writing on many topics including home improvement, automotive, business, health and lifestyle, entertainment, pets, and many more. You can find her on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Are you contemplating replacing traditional old windows in your home with something modern? If yes, then this article might just guide you.

Today you will find numerous types of windows in the market. Double hung timber windows are one such option which can help you replace your traditional windows with minimum expenditure. They are popularly called as timber sash windows. These new age modern windows are strong, efficient and light on the pockets as well from the perspective that they serve you really long. They have a strong wooden frame and glass panels with a spring balance system to slide them up or down conveniently. Let’s know more about them.

Reasons For Selecting Double Hung Timber windows:

Timber is always reliable

Using timber is not because of its immense popularity from ancient times. Rather timber is chosen for the reliability and support it provides to home owners. Windows these days are created using a wide range of materials. People are still very selective when it comes to the windows. They do require safety, functionality, elegance and sophistication all packed inside one package, and this is experienced when you choose double hung timber windows.

Better functionalities are always an added advantage

Double hung timber windows can be used by sliding them up and down as well as from the sides. Hence using this window gives you an added level of functionality. The tracks of such windows are created using adequate perforations and hence water does not get accumulated inside them for long.

Safety and security

Double hung timber windows are storm proof. So, people who live in storm prone areas can give a robust security and safety to their houses. These windows are built with strong timber and can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Heavy rains, storm, snow, hailstorms, etc. are examples of such weather conditions. So, if you are looking for a strong choice in windows to give an added layer of protection to your residence, double hung windows made of timber are the best choice. They help to keep every element out and add safety to the family living.

 It is a timeless addition to the home 

Double hung timber windows are a timeless addition to your space. Hence many homeowners are using these windows for both contemporary as well as traditional styled homes and properties. They offer extreme ventilation controls which help you direct the outside air from both sashes, top or bottom wherever you desire and just how much you want. Circular ventilation with the help of the sash openings is perhaps a unique feature in these windows. So, the cool air that enters from the opening at the bottom aids in making the hot air escape outside through the topmost opening.

 Evolving design as per compliances 

Double hung sash windows have evolved over time in terms of design and functionality. These windows are created with technique and materials which are tried as well as proved. The glass as well as glazing technology is used to come up with varied designs. Changes that work positively are incorporated in the design in compliance with the current legislations. The glazing used in such windows must have a sealed unit as per compliances, and modern manufacturers adhere to them.

 A large number of manufacturers today are offering standard double hung timber windows online as well as in physical stores. The basic features and functionalities which you can expect are mentioned above. Whether you go for a single or a double sash, ensure that it has adequate weather seals and locks for added security. A little research can help you gain immense knowledge which can aid in your decision making.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Epic Fail Of The Epicenter Festival


This weekend I had the good fortune ( HA ) to attend the Epicenter Festival in Rockingham, NC. I was out of my MIND excited. TOOL has been my favorite band since 1994 and I'd only seen them once since. I was going to see Rob Zombie, Korn, The Cult, Tom Morello, so.very.many.bands in 3 days!!

24 year old me just exploded.

Our friends that were coming with us had to drive four hours to get to our hotel and we only had to drive 2 hours to the hotel after we all got off of work. 

So, we all really wanted to see Korn Friday night, so when we met up at the hotel, we rolled out.

And then sat in stand still traffic.
For 5 hours.
2 miles away from the venue.

I am not even close to kidding. Not only did no one know what they were doing with the parking, it was only a 2 lane road so it was almost impossible to turn around. Traffic was a nightmare, nightmare, the worst. And it wasn't that there wasn't ENOUGH parking, there was plenty. The people directing it were having troubles with communications and the confusion was REAL.

We got there in time to see the last 4 songs of Korn and then we had to leave.

I don't even want to talk about people trying to leave the parking lot. It was ridiculous.

We get back to the hotel and just flop out. I just wanted to get some sleep because the next day, Saturday, I was going to see my most favorite band in the world. I'll just forget the cigarette stains in the bathtub in this musty hotel that we only took because it was the ONLY one available ONE MONTH after the event was announced (and was STILL 45 minutes away from the festival). Forget that I missed almost all of Friday's show. Forget that I feel like I need to power wash and fumigate the hotel room we were in...just forget it all and dream of Tool and Tom Morello and all of the awesome bands I had always dreamed of seeing and was going to, finally! I mean, we'd just leave early to beat the traffic and spend all day rocking out to other new bands. What could possibly go wrong?

THIS. This is what could possibly go wrong.

We woke up to a severe weather alert (that later turned into a tornado warning) and for the safety of all fans, the venue cancelled the show. We drove out to see if they were letting anyone in so we could at least check out the vendors, nope, they weren't letting anyone in.

So, back to the middle of Assthumb, North Carolina for a hotel party!

As of this writing, people are working on getting refunds, but it looks dismal.  Hopefully, they do after the ABSOLUTE INSULT of charging $1 for tickets after selling them for $200+ the day before (when we, of course, bought them ugh). While I absolutely do not fault the vendors and of course the bands for the weather, I do fault the venue for the worst organization of a festival I have ever seen! We were so bummed and didn't know what was going to happen so we just left on Sunday. Which means, I missed Tom Morello.

Le sigh. 

WRAL did a great report you can read here:  I didn't camp so there's more about the situations for the campers, there.

An interesting editorial article by the Richmond County Daily Journal (the county where the event was held) about the event, thanks to a commenter below:

FINAL VERDICT: Nope. I would definitely not attend ANY event thrown at this venue ever again

UPDATE 5/15/2019: There is a Facebook Group collecting complaints (imagine that, I'm not the only one upset about it) if you are interested in joining. GREAT info and it looks like a lot of banks are honoring refunds, etc.:  Please be respectful of the members, they're good folks!

UPDATE 5/16/2019: PAYPAL is honoring and giving refunds. I got a full  refund. Once I hear of more banks, etc giving refunds, I will post them.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019