Saturday, February 20, 2021

Why SEO Strategies Are For Writers, Too

 What are some of the questions people ask when they read your work? What are some of the phrases or questions in those keywords? 

That’s SEO- or search engine optimization- the very thing that is used to evaluate the keywords and make sure that your work is the answer to the question, while determining where your website will rank from these keywords. 

You can look at the keywords that best fit your work, and that are the closest to the front page of search results. This goes beyond the broad, basic keywords, but also highly specific, hyper local keywords. The basic keywords have a much higher search volume, but achieving a high rank on these keywords is very difficult. It is reminiscent of the social media strategy that targets everyone in a way that relies on high reach to yield a fraction of the potential return.

This is why it’s important to think about some of the most recent questions you’ve asked via search. You can think about what you read and what you learnt as a result of reading that. What websites did you discover? Which of those did you begin to trust and return to? Those answers all started with a particular question, and there are specific ways in which you can benefit from an SEO return on investment and you can become the answer to the questions asked. 

Some keywords have a lower search volume, so it’s easier to rank highly on them. And they are much more likely to be keywords searched by people in need of services and close enough to take advantage of what you have to offer- so if your published work is particularly niche, you can still be the answer to some very specific questions! 

Invest In Keywords

You may have identified the keywords you wish to own, and now SEO experts can help you build rank on those websites through using those keywords in your work as it is published online. The keywords may be used for inline links on the page which lead to other pages on your website. 

SEO experts can help to optimize your online presence, but there are some ways in which you could do it yourself. This includes writing blog posts that contain keywords within them and that answer the questions commonly asked about the subject you’re writing about. 

However, sometimes SEO expertise is absolutely necessary if you want more people to visit your website and read what you have to say. Some search keywords rank differently with slight variations of words or phrases. For example, if a word is at the beginning of the question rather than the end, for example, the ranking for the results can be completely different than if it is the other way around. 

Strong optimization positions a website to rank highly for as many of those keywords as possible.

Good SEO does a lot of the work for you. It steers you into the path of the people with whom you wish to engage with and when. 

How do you make the most of SEO when writing online?


  1. Good SEO is so important to anyone's blog or website. I'm so lucky to have a husband who does it for a living. He's taught me a lot, and I always focus on SEO when I write online.

  2. SEO is an interesting thing. Sometimes it's hard to get the right phrases in that are being hit on by patrons.

  3. I agree that SEO is so important. I try to use it organically by using specific keywords within my post that I think someone will be looking for. This has helped me create evergreen content which generates a lot of views.

  4. I think writers need SEO too as they can be very strategic especially if these writers tend to write for digital platforms. It will help their articles or e-books reach more people.

  5. SEO is so important if you want traffic on your website. I wish I would have focused more on SEO when I had started out.

  6. I agree with you on that and I think SEO are quite important. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

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  8. SEO has always been tricky for me, so I rely on plug-ins to help me keep on track. Keyword research tools like Jaaxy are my go to strategy when planning a blog post. Blessings!