Saturday, November 10, 2018

Tips For Traveling and Vaping During The Holidays

Today, I'm bringing you a guest post from my vapefam friend, Jessica! She's got some tips for traveling and vaping!

Hi, I'm Jessica! I’m a vape blogger & art student. I love exploring untapped destinations by traveling around the world. In addition to managing my full day job, I’m also passionate about helping the society. You can visit my blog by clicking here: LongHorn Vapor

Can you name three ways to spend your holidays in full bloom? I bet you can!

Most of you would prefer taking your family out on a vacation and others would prefer sitting at home becoming a couch potato.

What we’ve got is something very unorthodox and can be paired up with traveling.
It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a vape falling from the sky.
Chances are that someone didn’t comply with the rules and regulations regarding vaping on a plane. The lesson here is, whenever you’re carrying your precious bad boy while traveling, there are couple of things you have to get yourself familiar with.
Let’s talk about those things to let them resonate in your mind.
Doughnut Mess With A Cop!
(See what I did there?)

It’s not going to be very pleasant if you are traveling somewhere and not following the law. Each country has its own law and order; hence, you need to be thorough with your research regarding what to carry on plane prior to your flight. Don’t let anything so thin ruin your best vacation.
Have Complete Knowledge About Your Vape

While it is true that vape devices are considered legal when traveling to most countries, chances are that authorities are still going to ask you questions regarding the device. The reason is lack of knowledge about this trendy device among the staff members. Therefore, you should be absolutely prepared to handle those bullets coming your way very smoothly. You can get the light weight and cost effective vape devices and e liquid from the LongHorn online store.

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Don’t Vape On The Plane
While vaping is considered a much safer and a healthier alternative to smoking, reported by NHS, it is no shocker that you cannot vape on plane. According to The Sun, Easy Jet, Ryanair and British Airways are some of the big names that have banned Vaping on plane. However, you can always carry your device along with you either in your kit or in your handbag. Moreover, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has prohibited carrying such devices in the checked in bags. Though, you can definitely carry these in the carry-on bags.

What’s The Best Way To Pack Your Vape?
‘Cleanliness is the best policy’ for a reason as it saves you from all kinds of hassles that can ruin your trip. If your device isn’t properly cleaned inside out, it can rub itself on other stuff as well. So, after cleaning all the parts of your device, put each component separately in a transparent plastic bag so you can keep an eye. It is very important to be careful about packing and tidiness of your device because while travelling there is always a risk of leakage. And usually the expired e liquids can contaminate your whole travelling kit. Carry fresh or unexpired e liquids and make sure they are sealed in plastic or metal bottles.

Don’t Forget Your Batteries!

Omitting your batteries from your kit can be the biggest mistake of your trip. From packing your gear to explaining to the staff members what vaping is, all of your effort can end in vain. And not to forget, if you don’t have charged batteries, you won’t be able to vape as much you would want to.
Secondly, keep your batteries far away from your vaporizer. If they are connected, you can probably get your battery drained out or damage the device.

Good Manners Wins!

Don’t just go out there blowing vapor on the faces of people. Of course, you can vape in public but make sure you are doing it someplace less crowded. If you are conscious about carrying a larger device like Mi One Starter Kit, consider using sleek and stylish Innokin Endura T18 Starter Kit.

By following these quick tips, you can expect never-ending vape sessions leading to a stupendous trip!

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