Saturday, January 13, 2018

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Soon the men taste their own normalcy
Ends that day
Consumed by all, irrational thoughts depend
Then shape their taste

Let's call it change
Let's call it change

Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Laugh at the violence, laugh at the violence

True to form, he's blind as his
Taste for cheap panther piss
He loves to live beyond the card
So count us in to that Gucci clan, the fat face

Let's call it the chase
I'll call it a phase

Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Laugh at the violence, laugh at the violence

Laugh at the violence, laugh at the violence
Laugh at the violence

So sell your voodoo (sell your voodoo)
And recognize this (recognize this)
Your last and only score (last and only score)
Got you hung up on your strut

Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Once the fad permeates
It's hip to care, hip to hate it
Laugh at the violence, laugh at the violence

Once the fad, once (it permeates, I bought it)
Laugh at the violence, laugh at the violence

Friday, January 12, 2018

Joyal Beauty Retinol Cream

I am on a beauty kick lately.

I started out in my forties not worrying a bit about wrinkles, lines, dark circles, puffy eyes, etc etc etc. 41? Not so much.

So, in my quest to find the perfect creams, elixirs, potions, and lotions, I was asked to review Joyal Beauty's Retinol Cream.  

Like the Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream I tried awhile ago, this is a heavy cream with a different sort of smell. The difference, however, is that this one worked much better! I put it on every night before bed and actually started to see results within a week! I did not break out at all and I can tell that my skin is firming up due to the boost in collagen and although it doesn't work as well as my very favorite "beauty hack"....


It is definitely something I plan on adding to my regular routine. You can find Joyal Beauty Retinol Cream on Amazon for just $20.85. Let me know how you like it!

**I have received a sample product, payment, or both in exchange for this review. Regardless, I pride myself in bringing you an honest and thorough review. Thanks for reading! My comment box is always open for any questions you may have!**

Sunday, January 7, 2018

BioPureNaturals Lash Serum and Eye Cream

Hi, friends! I have a video review for you today! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream

The holidays can be...exhausting.

This one especially so for me. As you can imagine, I needed to ready my "NOPE. Nothing wrong here!" face and I was failing.

So, I decided to try Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream and see if it would help. I got my package a few days before bricks started to fall on me from out of the sky of life so what better time to try it?

I really liked the effects, because it did brighten it but the cream was a little heavy and I'm still fighting a break out from it. But, I have oily to combination skin and tend to stick to lighter moisturizers. My pores clog way too easily. 

The packaging was nice and it arrived very quickly! I would definitely recommend for those of you with drier skin. And, the extra brightening (especially around the eyes) is fantastic. You can find it for $18.99 on Amazon!

Friday, December 22, 2017

To all of you...

Whether you have been a long time reader and friend, or are just getting to know me...


I truly appreciate you reading my reviews and my brain wanderings. This year has been extremely busy but I thank you for going on this journey with me. I receive so much love and support from my little online community and I don't know what I would do without it! I'm looking forward to the new year and hoping each and every one of you have a better than fantastic year ahead as well.

Whatever you celebrate this winter holiday season, I hope it is full of love and light. Peace to you and yours!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I Saw Her As A Woman Today..

I saw my daughter as a young lady today.

Not an insecure young lady. I got a glimpse of just what she will be as a young adult woman out in the world. She is beautiful.

She is fearless. She is so smart. She is ambitious, she is driven. She is beautiful.

She is all of the things I am not, and I am so grateful for that.

Being the mother of adult children is difficult because it doesn't matter if they are 50, they'll always be 4 in my mind.

But, today. I saw her as a young woman and my heart fluttered with pride.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Stranger Things About Stranger Things

I don't know if you noticed or not, but I went just slightly INSANE about the Netflix show, Stranger Things.

                                   photo courtesy of

From the very first episode, I WAS IN THERE. Yeah, just why are they running tests on kids? And she is number 11?! SHE FLIPPED AN ENTIRE VAN. WHERE IS BARB? WHY IS STEVE SUCH A DOUCHE? HEH, THE NAME FINN WOLFHARD IS WAY AWESOME. And, OMG what in the shit exactly is a DemiGorgon and WHAT, WAIT IT'S OVER?! IS SHE STILL IN THE UPSIDE DOWN?

Serious stress, yall.

You better believe I was on pins and needles, counting down, jumping out of my skin for the next season. 

And, then this is what we got.

So, apparently now 11 has a (kinda) sister and Steve is everyone's mom, Will's brother is non existent, oh and at the very end THERE IS...



I'm not digging that with a diamond shovel. Ok, I get it. Growing up is hard, but with crazy upside down world shit going on, it's definitely harder.

What I am saying is this. I am a fan. A HUGE FAN. The characters are amazing and well cast for sure but what I love...what made me fall in love with this show?

The story. 

Let's get back to that. I still have questions. How about you?