Thursday, March 29, 2018

Turning Your Passion For Music Into Money

If you have a passion for music, whether you love listening to it or making it, then chances are you
would love to spend your days living and breathing music, music and more music. Well... do I have
good news for you - there are numerous ways that you can make good money from your love of
music. Here are just some of them:

Sound Engineering

Training as a sound engineer is a solid move if you want to be absorbed in music during your
every waking hour. As a sound engineer, if you are lucky, you will get to work with lots of interesting
and eclectic musicians. If you’re really good at what you do, you might even get to work with some of
the biggest bands on the planet, either in the studio or behind the scenes at live performances, It’s a
very technical job, but it’s one where you can earn a good living, and you will be exposed
to music in all its forms all of the time.


If you love listening to music and you think you have pretty good taste, then get yourself some
equipment from, build up your record collection and start learning some basic DJing
techniques. Start small by offering to do a set in small local venues or by playing at your friend’s
wedding and before long you’ll be able to get paid doing what you love on a regular basis...well
you will if you are truly dedicated, and you never give up anyway.

Talent Scouting

Talent scouts are the people who get out there and listen to lots of live music in a bid to find the
next big thing. So, if you love live music and your passion is finding great new music, this could be
the job for you. Obviously, you’ll need to have a very good ear, and you’ll need to be willing to spend
lots of time in music venues and clubs all over the place - that’s pretty much heaven to a true music
lover- but if you have those skills, pursuing this avenue could be the best career move you ever make.


The internet hasn’t killed music journalism, despite what many people think - it’s just moved it online.
So, if you love music and you have the ability to write about it in a way that is accurate, informative and
engaging, why not start your own music review blog? If it garners attention, you could end up writing
for a big website or magazine like, and it could become a lucrative and exciting career
for you. Imagine the people you could meet!


An easier way to get into the music industry is by turning your love for music into marketing power.
If you’re passionate about music and you have a knack for infecting others with that passion, working
with musicians and venues to build a buzz and sell tickets will not only be a fulfilling occupation, but it
could get you up close and personal with some of your favorite artists - it will certainly gain you free
entry into a whole lot of shows. Start locally and branch out from there.

Making money from music isn’t always easy, but as you can see, it is very possible.

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  1. Just a great idea to make money for lovers of quality and good music.