Sunday, December 31, 2017

Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream

The holidays can be...exhausting.

This one especially so for me. As you can imagine, I needed to ready my "NOPE. Nothing wrong here!" face and I was failing.

So, I decided to try Joyal Beauty Vitamin C Brightening Cream and see if it would help. I got my package a few days before bricks started to fall on me from out of the sky of life so what better time to try it?

I really liked the effects, because it did brighten it but the cream was a little heavy and I'm still fighting a break out from it. But, I have oily to combination skin and tend to stick to lighter moisturizers. My pores clog way too easily. 

The packaging was nice and it arrived very quickly! I would definitely recommend for those of you with drier skin. And, the extra brightening (especially around the eyes) is fantastic. You can find it for $18.99 on Amazon!


  1. this is great because i do tend to have dry skin. i've been scared to use some vit c stuff because it reports to dry out evn more on some skin and im afraid to risk it!

    1. Yeah, this one is definitely for those with dryer skin. I do like the brightening effects, it really does work well!