Monday, October 29, 2018

What Is Bubbling In My Cauldryn?

Coffee. The answer is always, always coffee.

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

No, that isn't an obvious spelling error. I really do have coffee bubbling in my cauldryn. My Cauldryn battery heated mug!

It is beyond awesome!

The Cauldryn battery heated mug is my new favorite thing in the world that I have been asked to review. This thing is just HANDYYou can keep your hot stuff hot, as well as cook, boil and freeze dry anything in it! With the optional blender attachment, you can even make smoothies in it. It is absolutely perfect for my on the go lifestyle! Never again will I have my tea or coffee go cold. I can have my soups right away, or just heat them up and keep them hot in my cauldryn. The small battery lasts about 10-15 hours while the bigger battery lasts twice as long. You can even carry it onto a plane, as it meets all carry on requirements. 

Don't even get me started on how useful this is going to be for camping/hiking!

I have been using it all week as I have been out and about, getting ready for the good old holiday season. Every sip of my coffee was like I had just poured it and I may or may not have stayed out shopping a little longer than I should have.


And so, because I want everyone to have this awesome mug, I have a $10 off coupon code for you! Please visit and type the code STEPHANIES2018 in at checkout to get your very own. 

Then, come back here and tell me what is bubbling in YOUR cauldryn!