Tuesday, March 20, 2018

In The Silent House...

It has been interesting to watch my children grow up with technology. Things that they often took for granted (YOU LITERALLY HAVE A LIBRARY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. GOOGLE IT), I would have LOVED to have growing up.

I'm that middle generation. X, if you please.

The first half of my life there was no internet and computer technology was in its infancy. 

At the beginning of my twenties, the dot com BOOMED. Businesses popped up and burst over night. My old Kaypro 4 couldn't handle it. Commodore 64, Tandy, Windows95 came and that was it. The internet was a success.

It was amazing.

I recently was asked to test a silent keyboard that reminded me so much of those early days. 

                                             Available here

It could seriously be one of my first keyboards! 
So retro.

Anyway, I tested it out and ended up liking it a lot. They keys are extremely silent (no more tippy taps all over the keys from you, KAREN) so it's great for the office. It works just like a modern keyboard, with an old school look and feel. 

It's not a bad price, either. Pick it up on Amazon for a little nostalgia.

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