Monday, February 26, 2018

App Addicted

Hi, friends! 

I have a confession: I am terribly addicted to apps. 

I mean, really addicted. 

I just got a new phone after years of having an older phone and I am blown away by all of the advances in technology (I went from an S5 to an S8). Of course, I am downloading apps for it like crazy, considering I can actually FIT all of them on my phone now.

I want to share some apps with you that I am really enjoying. They were made by the lovely people at AppeKapps powered by UM Tech so if you're interested in developing your own apps, they can definitely help you with that.

The first one is Beditations. As most of you know, I have a really hard time sleeping. Well, once I am asleep, I have zero problem with sleeping but getting there is another story. I just can't seem to shut down at night. So, I tried this app for about a week and I can definitely say it's working pretty well. I don't know what it is but it just relaxes my brain and body and before I know it, I'm ready for bed! 

The other one I am really enjoying is ReferLocal. Having moved to a new city, I am out of my comfort zone when it comes to good places locally to shop, eat, play, etc. This app has definitely come in handy with my "shop local, buy local" mentality and has been a lifesaver! I have found so many great new places all because of this app! Richmond is ALIVE and I am helping it breathe. I love it!

These apps are so well made. I haven't had any issues with them at all. I am certainly glad I found them. I hope you enjoy them as well. You can find them in the Google Play store or the Apple store. 

Now, for those of you more-techie-than-me types, I highly recommend visiting the AppeKapps website. If you are looking for a great team to help develop your app for your store, website, anything, they are amazing at what they do. They  have won quite a few awards for their mobile and desktop apps. I can't say enough good things about their development team, that's for sure. They provide a multitude of services including app development and an app calculator that helps you find out exactly how much it will cost to develop your app. Tell them Steph sent you! If you download any of the above mentioned apps, let me know what YOU think in the comments!

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