Monday, June 11, 2018 $300 Gift Card Father's Day Giveaway!

Father's Day is coming and I am so excited to bring you guys a $300 gift card giveaway from! is an awesome online retailer of luxury items at crazy, insane low prices.

You guys know how much I love an awesome bargain

Well, not only could I find another awesome gift for my husband at an amazing price, every purchase donates 5% to Direct Relief, a global medical relief nonprofit

Sometimes, being a blogger is no fun because I ruin every single surprise (pretend to be surprised when you open this gift, Christopher, pleaseandthankyou. Also, if you are reading this, take the garbage out).

They don't have just watches, though.  I know the running joke is that women are obsessed with shoes, but I am totally not. I will, however, go bankrupt over a gorgeous bag or alluring perfume. I spent a ridiculously long time browsing the site looking for gifts, and then I spent just as much trying to choose which ones I was actually going to purchase.

One for him.
One for me. 
That's how it works, right?


Once you are done "window" shopping...(is it still called "window" shopping online? hmmm)... Anyway, after you are done looking around and picking out all of your goodies, CLICKETYCLICK HERE TO ENTER THE $300 GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY and hopefully, you will win all of your lovely items. They are also having a Father's Day and Graduation Sale so right now you can get an EXTRA 10% OFF with coupon DADGRAD2018Make sure you come back here and tell me in the comments which items you liked the best!

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